God, family, then business.

Welcome to Dave's world where he turns potential into prosperity. His mission? Helping you excel professionally, while never losing sight of what truly matters – family. He’s here to navigate your success story, hand-in-hand.

Dave leads Evergreen Brands as its CEO, a company that is focused on creating and growing businesses that deliver an incredible customer experience, change the world by giving back to charities and noble causes, and protect the environment through sustainable practices.


Each of Dave’s podcasts goes live once a week; catch him on your favorite social and listening platforms.


Take a look at Dave’s involvement and leadership for brands making an impact around North America.
Embracing Change the World
Evergreen Brands
The parent company with one focus: make significant impact a reality.
National, Multi-Site Facility Operations
Efficiently coordinating nationwide, multi-site facility operations that advance your business.
Association Management and Maintenance
Condo Shield
Your partner in seamless association management and maintenance for all HOAs.
Empowering Generosity and Philanthropy
mBridge Global
Unlocking your philanthropic potential, catalyzing generosity to enhance our world.
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Sweeten The World, One Jar at a Time
Every drop, every jar, resonates with our dedication to quality and charitable impact.
Expertise From Blue-Collar Experts
Wescott Consulting Group
Drawing from expertise to provide practical solutions that elevate your business.